Eran Blizovsky


Eran Blizovsky, a certified CPA with a B.A in Business Management and Accounting, served for the last 20 years as the CFO in an international companies. He has wide knowledge in the retail market worldwide.

Understanding the business world and the experience in the international market, in addition to professionalism on stage, is a winning card for anyone trying to find the perfect fit for an event.

You can choose one or more of the following services:

• Telepathic show

• Lecture – Creative thinking in business

• M.C of conferences and convention

• Sales promotion through magic in exhibitions

Lecture for magicians – Math magic and beyond

Infected with the magic bug at a young age, Eran has accumulated a vast and long stage experience in front of a diverse audience, in several fields: stage shows; telepathic shows; lectures, conference MC, sales promotion and close up.

The love for magic does not end in performance only. Eran developed, created and invented several unique magic products that are sold very successfully among magicians worldwide.

Eran is the president of the Israeli Magician Association (ISPAM) and a member of the Israeli Union of Performing Arts (E.M.I.).

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