Brit Milah / Brita ceremony

Mazaltov, a son or daughter has join the family, you are planning an event to celebrate its Brit Milah / Brita ceremony for the family and friends – Eran the magician will take care of yours guests during the event.

The event begins at the reception. Eran walk around and among the guests at the tables and performs magic in their hands, personally, one on one.

By simple means: forks, napkins, cards, watches, coins, cell phones and others, Eran successful magically astonish the guests.

At the end of the reception and after the children finish eating, Eran invites the children to watch a magic show gives the parents peace and quiet

(… Even adults are choosing to leave the table and come to enjoy the magic show).

The show combines a variety of magic suitable for kid’s ages. The show lasts about 45 minutes in which children take part in and enjoy the experience of magic, surprises and entertainment. If there are older brothers they become magician’s assistant.

After the show, Eran goes back to the tables and entertain the adult while desserts, coffee and cake are being serve.

Your guest will remember the event for a long time.

Book today Eran magician to your Brit Milah Brita ceremony of yours child!

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