Creative thinking in business

The business market pillars us with many challenges that require creative solutions on how to deal in the competitive market.

Everyone wants something new, different, change routine, create, and develop. But, how do you “come out of the box” and successfully get through all the barriers?

The lecture will give tools on a quick exit from typical situations of “permanent thought fixture” by finding business solutions.

What does the lecture include?

• Arouses the creative thinking and combines examples from the business world

• Audience takes part in finding solutions through creative thinking

• Tools and systems in creative thinking

• Practical advice for daily use in creative thinking

• “Back stage” of creative thinking in the magic world

Why and who of the lecture

• Managers of all levels, marketing, finance, hi-tech, computers or anyone that uses his ” gray brain cells” in his daily work

• Companies and organizations thriving to upgrade the creative thinking in the organization in different levels.

• In the framework of study days and or conferences

• Team integration, social events, home parties

Content of the lecture can be altered according to the audience

If you are holding my business card from the lecture creative thinking press for the explanation.

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