Lecture – Math Magic and Beyond

Eran Blizovsky has been a professional magician for over 30 years, Performing for adults and children, corporate and privet parties. Eran is a certified CPA with a B.A in Business Management and Accounting, served for the last 20 years as the CFO and CMO in an international trade companies.

Eran combines in his lecture the love for numbers and the love for magic. Eran brings a different approach to the math effects. The lecture will cover effects such as:

* A quick opener,

* Mental calculator,

* Add a number,

* Juggling with numbers,

* MathMagic – magic squares,

* Numbered cards etc.

There is something in his lecture for magicians of all magical fields: stage, mentalism, trade shows, close-up and even children’s shows.

The lecture will normally last around 90 minutes follow by a dealer demo featuring some of my most recent releases with the opportunity for the members to buy them.

For further information or to discuss potential dates please contact my mobile phone or by email.

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