Magic workshop and balloons workshop

Magic Workshop

Who wants to be a magician and amaze his friends?


Eran give a Magic workshop in which children learns how to do easy magic tricks.

The children will get all the materials in-which they are preparing the Magic. (Found in every home)

The Children will build the magic, learn how to perform them and perform a short magic show in front of the friends.

At the magic workshop the children not only learn the secret behind the magic but also get related values ​​about the wizard world – why it is important to keep secrets, how important it is to practice magic and more.

magic workshop
magic workshop

Sculpture with balloons

Want to learn to sculpt balloons shapes?

Eran give a workshop in which children learn how to sculpt easy balloons shapes.

The children will get the balloons, learn how to inflate the balloons and make with them basic shapes such as a dog, rake, sword, crown, heart and more.

The children goes home with balloons prepared with their own hands!

Guided by Eran great experience for children and adults, workshops are suitable for children aged 5 and up.

The workshops are delivered in small groups of up to 20 children in the group.

The workshops are suitable to integrate into birthday parties, magic day at camp, family events, class parties and more.


Book today the magic workshop or balloons workshop with Eran!

Sculpture with balloons
Sculpture with balloons


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