Force bag



Force Bag

Force bag – A see-through net shopping bag, with which you can force cards, billets, balls, silks, pieces from a jigsaw puzzle, photos and other small objects.
You can perform many amazing mental effects and routines with this “innocent” bag.
It is specially gimmicked and looks COMPLETELY ordinary, just what you might get from a high end supermarket instead of “plastic or paper”
Supplied with a 12 page booklet with basic handling techniques and several routines you can perform with this force bag ranging from kid’s birthday party shows to general audience and adult routines with a gambling or lottery theme.


As you use this great utility prop you will soon create many amazing routines on your own.
Includes awesome routines by:
Ian Adair
Sam Dalal
Gay Ljungberg
Well made and easy to use
Colored balls in picture for display only, not suppied.
This is the perfect trick for the Strolling, Walk Around or Restaurant Magician!
You can do this in a parlor show and your audience will be stunned!!!

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