A chosen number is being selected. The magician shows a board with 16 squares printed on it. Within seconds, he fills the table with random numbers, and then adds them. The total of every four numbers in each vertical line are matching the selected number. But wait, that is not all. The total of every four numbers in each horizontal line match the selected number, then the two diagonals, and every near four numbers, then the four numbers in each corner of the table, and so on, over 24 different combinations to add the numbers to the selected number.

• You don’t have to be a mathematician to do it.

• Can immediately be repeated with completely different numbers.

• Can be done 5 minutes after reading the instructions.

• Use it for adult shows, Mentalist shows, school shows, ect.

• The board can be used on large or small stage.

You received:

• 12”x17” (31×43 cm) Dry erasable board with 16 squares printed on it.

• Very light double side erasable board.

• Dry erase marker.

• 3 pages of instructions and ideas.


“It is absolutely mind-boggling! Math Magic is great for school shows. It’s entertaining for both kids and adults!” Hank Lee January 2003.

Math Magic does offer a clever tip for avoiding large target numbers.” Michael close, Magic magazine, February 2003.

“ When considers the cost and time spent having to buy the board, get 16 squares painted on it, and buying the marker, it could be money well spent on the Math Magic, it is recommended.” PRW, Linking Ring magazine, March 2003.

“I recommend considering adding Math Magic to your routine if you haven’t already. Ford Kross, Vibration magazine, July 2003.

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