Mental note pad



Mental note pad

Four spectators, each one gets a note pad and a sharpie. Each one writes his dream place for his next vacation. Each spectator is tearing the page, crumbles the page into a small ball and toss it inside a paper bag. The magician, one by one, reveals their dream vacation and for the last spectator even without taking the ball from the paper bag.
Can be use with places, names, drawing, products etc.
You get 4 note pad that will allow you around 50 shows. (5.5” x 3.5”, 14 x 9 cm)
You need 4 sharpies and paper bag.

This is a very clean routine; it packs flat and plays very big. Can be used dynamically and adjusted to different events and have a lot of place for humor. This routine can last up to 7-10 minutes.

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