Mirage – The best way to duplicate drawing




 Mirage – The best way to duplicate drawing.

You give a regular erasable board to a volunteer and ask her to draw something on the board while you turn away. After she finished, you take the board, (with its back to you), and show it to the audience. You then ask the volunteer to wipe out the drawing. You take the same (or another) board and duplicate the exact drawing!.

Board has no gimmicks — it is a regular erasable board that you can find in any office supply store. Gimmick is in the eraser, but no one notices it not even the volunteer who erases the drawing! You manage to see the drawing on stage while everybody is looking at you — and they don’t have a clue. It seems totally impromptu: Draw a picture, erase it and I’ll know what it is!

Mirage is a must to any mentalist!

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