Mutilated Parasol



Mutilated Parasol

 Mutilated Parasol – from a tube you take out a colorful parasol. Fold up the parasol and place it back in the tube. Cap the end of the tube. If you like, you can have an audience member hold the tube. Show eight different color silks. Place the silks into a bag. (not included) Magically, the silks change into the parasol cover!! Open the tube and remove the parasol. Open the parasol. The cover is gone! In its place, hanging from the ribs of the parasol, are the eight missing silks!!

Complete with two parasols (22 inch), tube (26 x 5 inch ),
parasol cover and different colored silks. Very professional.

This is a great effect for any magician, clown

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Weight 1.75 kg


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