The third eye



The third eye

If you are looking for a great stage or stand up routine that will play big, this is the one for you! Talking about how a person’s name is inseparable, the performer distributes 5 large white cards to five spectators asking them to examine the cards. The performer can be blindfolded for this matter, or stand away. Each of the volunteers is asked to write his name on his card. The five spectators choose any one of 5 identical envelopes and each puts their card inside an envelope. One of the spectators collects the envelopes and is asked to shuffle and spread them on the table in random order. The performer, comes back still blindfolded (if wishes), goes to the table, lifts the envelopes and giving them one by one – back to the spectators. When the envelopes are opened each of the spectators find his name on the card he holds. Resets in seconds, works 100% every time, can use also drawings, numbers or any other information you wish.


Including 5 wooden erasable cards, 5 envelopes and 5 erasable markers.
Bonus effect – end of time
Take almost any wrist watch, hold it in your hand, and under your or the spectators command – it will stop! YES , You control everything … it will stop again and again under your control. No sleeves, perform it up close, your hands are empty before and after, no slights, great for table hopping, easy and ingeniously!

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